ASIF at the Clermont-Ferrand Festival of Short Films

2048x1536-fit_illustrateur-strasbourgeois-blutch-signe-affiche-38e-festival-international-court-metrage-clermont-ferrand-5-13-fevrier-2016-1024x665ASIF at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival

ASIF was represented at the Short Film Festival in Clermont-Ferrand and at the SPI* lunch which brought together producers, broadcasters and Unifrance representatives. After this initial contact, ASIF – together with our umbrella organization ATAA (Association des Traducteurs et Adaptateurs de l’Audiovisuel) – intend to meet the heads of SPI and Unifrance in Paris to consider possible ways of collaborating and raising awareness on the importance of our profession and good practices which facilitate professional translations/adaptations.
ATAA worked with the company MEDIA SOLUTION to offer the winner of the ‘Grand Prix’ (“Les Amours Vertes” by Marine Atlan) professional subtitles in four European languages. The aim is to publicize the level of technical expertise and quality adaptations in France. Thanks to its international audience, Clermont-Ferrand Festival is the ideal place to raise directors’ and producers’ awareness in the long term about how crucial it is to have high-quality subtitles.

* Independent Producers Union (Syndicat des Producteurs Indépendants – video, TV, cinema